Currently fundraising? Planning to launch a new fund?

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from investors is that many fund managers’ pitchbooks fail to do their job. They’re poorly structured, too wordy, and unclear.

This is true for most first-time funds, but it’s also the case for many second- and third-time funds.


  • Most funds’ founders are dealmakers, not rainmakers
  • Fundraising and investor relations teams are often under-resourced
  • Few investors are willing to give fund managers honest, constructive feedback
  • Each pitchbook must be tailored to the manager, the market, and the investor

Portico’s solutions

At Portico, we’ve reviewed countless pitchbooks and worked with numerous managers to build them. So, we’ve crafted a set of solutions that enable fund managers to develop institutional-quality pitchbooks.

1. The Do-it-Yourself Solution
Purchase Portico’s Informal Guide to Raising Your First Private Equity Fund, which is bundled with a sample pitchbook, and learn how to build an institutional-quality presentation. We’ve run this product by numerous investors across institution types to ensure that it contains the key content they seek in a pitchbook.

2. Our Detailed Pitchbook Review
Engage with us for an in-depth review that identifies issues that inhibit LP commitments and offers concrete guidance on how to transform your existing presentation into an institutional-quality pitchbook.

3. We Build it for You
For managers that lack the significant time commitment it takes to build an institutional-quality pitchbook, Portico can work with you to build a new presentation. Please contact us for details.

Delivering value

Regardless of the approach you take, Portico’s solutions deliver enormous value.

  • Save countless hours — of time you don’t have — spent working on PowerPoint slides
  • Focus your energies on sourcing, executing, and managing deals
  • Obtain peace of mind knowing that your pitchbook answers investors’ key questions
  • Market with confidence: bring clarity of message and cleanliness of design to your presentation
  • Preserve your scarce resources: our products and services are offered at reasonable price points that may be booked as organizational expenses

We’ve priced this so that it’s affordable for small- and mid-market managers — and even for junior analysts who are building decks under severe time constraints.