Nnennia Ejebe on the Art of Control Deals in Africa

In today’s episode I speak with Nnennia Ejebe, a Partner with Adenia who is based in the firm’s office in Accra, Ghana. Adenia has been investing across Africa since 2002, and it is a pioneer of control deals in mid-market African companies. 

Nnennia provides an amazing overview of private equity investing in Africa, not only of the compelling macro and micro trends that are fostering a richer investable market, but also the variety of benefits that percolate down from the pursuit of a control strategy.

We also get into the entrepreneurial pedigree of Adenia, and how this pedigree impacts the investment philosophy, strategy, and value creation initiatives of the firm.

As I share during the discussion, I am consistently energized by the work we’ve been doing in Africa — whether that’s with funds, transactions, or advising start-up founders. I am keen to spread my enthusiasm for the continent, and I can think of few better resources to inculcate a drive to learn more than Nnennia’s masterclass. 

She also offered up some great reading and viewing recommendations, so be sure to check the show notes for links to additional content.

With that, I hope you enjoy this conversation. 

This podcast was recorded in March 2022.

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Nnennia’s reading / viewing recommendations:

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