Portico produces its own studies on EM private markets and is regularly requested to undertake research for third parties (much of which is proprietary or white labeled).

A selection of our work may be found below.

Governance in Emerging Market Private Capital | May 2019

EMPEA’s ESG Working Group spearheaded this study, which integrates traditional corporate governance matters with business integrity issues for the EM private markets industry.

This groundbreaking report explores governance from a holistic perspective, providing practical guidance on the key questions that individuals should ask themselves as they develop a governance framework for their business — not only to mitigate risk, but also to create value.

Moreover, it explores governance considerations across three layers of the industry: investment funds, fund managers, and portfolio companies. These include the role and composition of LPACs, operational due diligence of fund managers, and much more besides.

To make practitioners’ lives easier, each section includes checklists that outline the building blocks of good governance, and the appendix includes a repository of resources to which individuals may refer should they wish to dive deeper into specific topics.

Portico led the research, interviews, and writing of this EMPEA report.

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The Evolution of Private Equity in Emerging Markets | Mar 2018

A presentation that Portico’s founder delivered for a teach-in seminar on EM PE  at UNC’s Alternative Investments Conference.

Does the EM PE Asset Class Scale? | Dec 2017

Portico analyzes EM exit data to “right-size” the EM private equity and venture capital industry. Our conclusion: annual flows to EM PE / VC may need to decline by 60%.

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The Mid-Market Squeeze | July 2017

Portico’s second research piece shares findings from our EM Mid-Market Survey, and reveals that the declining number of EM mid-market funds is more than just a funding gap, it is a symptom of industry-wide problems.

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Is Emerging Markets Private Equity Dying? | Nov 2016

Portico’s first research piece explores several existential challenges besetting the industry, and presents a humble call to action to shore up support for the industry.

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From the Archive

Framing Africa’s Private Equity Landscape in a Pan-Emerging Markets Context
A synopsis of remarks that Portico’s founder delivered at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s Ninth African Development Forum.