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Previous Editions of Portico Perspectives

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Veritas | Feb 2018
The manufacture of social capital; Abraaj; Private Debt in Africa; Always Low Prices (Walmart in Brazil); Currency Risk in Emerging Markets; John Kenneth Galbraith’s A Short History of Financial Euphoria.

Bulls on Parade | Jan 2018
The animal spirits are palpable; Jeremy Grantham; McVey Calls a Secular Bull Market in EM; Norway; Brazil on the Move; Not Interested (on the LP survey from Probitas Partners); Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.

Does EM PE Scale? | Dec 2017
Portico’s latest research piece explores why fundraising may need to be slashed by 60% per year; Mea Culpa (on IFC committing to Carlyle funds); KKR Quits Africa (#dealflow); Albright Capital’s “Power of Compounding”; Will Robots Disrupt Private Equity?; Is it Possible to Short Graduate Schools?; The Bible.

Dumb Money | Nov 2017
A colorful comment from an LP prompts the question: is EM PE in cyclical or structural decline; The Great Wall of Capital (on mega-cap funds in Asia); LP Views on Latin America (LAVCA / Cambridge Associates survey); Facebank; Turkey Resurgent?; The True Believer.

Super Sized | Oct 2017
Are distributions from larger funds driving industry consolidation?; Indonesia’s First Startup IPO; SoftBank; (SME) Death and Taxes in India; Heavy Stuff (on lifestyle diseases and PE firms investing “across the lifecycle”); Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

Status Update | Sep 2017
Provides a first-year update on Portico; The Societal Parasite that Is Facebook; Who Will Make Money in EM Venture?; This World Awash in Capital (thoughts on corporations as asset managers, passive investing, scarcity of assets, and U.S. housing as political time bomb); Musashi.

The Mid-Market Squeeze | Jul 2017
Shares findings from Portico’s second study, The Mid-Market Squeeze; Indonesia: So Hot Right Now (from KKR); Coffee Talk (ECP exits Java House to Abraaj, now what?); Will Private Equity Build Africa’s Manufacturing Sector? (No); Beach Reading; A Letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams.

More Dickensian by the Day | May 2017
Traveling through Southeast Asia; A Grim LP Survey (from EMPEA); A Platinum Lining? (from KKR); Ahlan, Bimbo! (or, Hispanophone dealmaking in Africa); The Baring Asia-Nord Anglia Saga Continues; Fasionably Late? Blackstone pursues private debt in India; The Ramayana.

First Move | Apr 2017
Deal Flow in Africa; The Gift that Keeps on Giving in Eastern Europe; Consumer Sentiment in Latin America; Carroll Quigley’s Evolution of Civilizations.

Is EM PE Dying? | Nov 2016
Introduces Portico’s first research study on the state of the emerging markets private equity industry.