How to Build a Pitchbook

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from investors is that fund managers’ pitch books fail to do their job.

They’re poorly structured, lack key information, and convey no clear differentiation.

We developed this guide based on hundreds of conversations with institutional LPs, and feedback from leading investors.

It’s yours for free.


Bad decks inhibit LP commitments

Poor presentations aren’t only a problem besetting first-time fund managers.

In fact, many LPs lament that this is the case for outfits marketing their second, third, and fourth vehicles.


  • Most funds’ founders are dealmakers, not rainmakers
  • Fundraising and investor relations teams are oftentimes under-resourced
  • Few investors are willing to give fund managers honest, constructive feedback
  • There was no reliable reference resource in the market … until now

What institutional investors are saying about
The Insider’s Guide

Elevate your game

Portico developed the Insider’s Guide to Raising a Fund: The Art of the Pitchbook to help fund managers create an institutional-quality presentation.

We’ve reviewed countless pitchbooks and worked with numerous managers to build them — be they first-time funds or follow-on.

Allocators from leading development finance institutions, endowments, funds-of-funds, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds reviewed our 20-page guide to ensure that it contains the key content they seek in a pitchbook.

What you’ll learn

  • The four critical questions that every pitchbook must answer
  • Key questions to ask yourself before building a deck
  • How to structure your presentation
  • Content that each slide should contain
  • Pitfalls to avoid when building a pitchbook
  • Advice on establishing a brand identity
  • Considerations on back-office and governance issues
  • Pointers on delivering your pitch

Save yourself countless hours — of time you don’t have — working on PowerPoint slides that fail your fundraising efforts.

We developed this guidebook to empower you with the knowledge you need to develop a competent pitchbook.

Download your free copy today:


One last thing

Once you’ve developed your pitchbook, consider reaching out to us before you begin your marketing efforts.

We provide detailed pitchbook reviews that clients report as being “invaluable” to their fundraising success.

Our in-depth pitchbook reviews include:

  • Page-by-page feedback on the structure, content, and design of the presentation
  • Identification of critical gaps in narrative and messaging
  • Questions investors may have after reviewing the deck
  • A 3-hour “murder board” session to walk through the presentation and field your questions
  • Unvarnished, independent perspectives that help you uncover your differentiation and market positioning

We price this service so that it is affordable for everyone — even founders of first-time funds raising less than $50 million (some of whom we’ve helped succeed).

With more than 7,500 funds in the market — and the average fundraising timetable extending by 12-24 months — can you afford not to accelerate your time to close?

Contact us to learn more.