Through conversations with investors, founders, and experts, the Portico Podcast explores the landscape of private markets in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Our main objective with the podcast is to educate listeners about long-term investment and business-building in markets that are home to 85% of the world’s population and generate 60% of global GDP (on a PPP basis).

But we’re also trying to give listeners access to a broader, more diverse universe of players than one frequently hears on podcasts and in ‘developed’ markets.

If you have any feedback or ideas that you’d like us to explore, please drop us a line at podcast@porticoadvisers.com.

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Ep. 8: The Abraaj Fiasco The Portico Podcast

I wanted to experiment with a different format for this episode and share my writings on the Abraaj fraud scandal as they were happening in real time a few years ago. Now, for those who don’t know Abraaj, it was one of the largest — and probably the flashiest — private equity firms dedicated to… Continue reading Ep. 8: The Abraaj Fiasco
  1. Ep. 8: The Abraaj Fiasco
  2. Ep. 7: Viktor Shvets on The Great Rupture
  3. Ep. 6: Investing in Frontier & Fragile Markets
  4. Ep. 5: Weijian Shan on Leverage and Turnarounds in Asia
  5. Ep. 4: The Rise of Kleptocracy

Episode List

Ep. 8 — The Abraaj Fiasco

Ep. 7 — Viktor Shvets on The Great Rupture (Macquarie)

Ep. 6 — Investing in Frontier & Fragile Markets with Jake Cusack (CrossBoundary Group)

Ep. 5 — Weijian Shan on Leverage and Turnarounds in Asia (PAG)

Ep. 4 — The Rise of Kleptocracy with Tom Burgis (Financial Times)

Ep. 3 — Fintech & Financial Inclusion with Monica Brand Engel (Quona Capital)

Ep. 2 — Private Equity & Development with Roger Leeds

Ep. 1 — Early-stage VC in Africa with Aniko Szigetvari and Ik Kanu (Atlantica Ventures)

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