How are you differentiated?  How do you know?

In the regions where we’re focused, roughly 700 funds are in the market in a given year. On average, less than one-fifth of them will achieve a final close.

Moreover, fundraising cycles are averaging greater than 24 months. Competition is fierce, and the expenses — in time, energy, and resources—for a fundraising campaign are increasing.

More than ever before, fund managers need to offer investors a differentiated product, and they need to generate momentum quickly.

Portico Advisers works with clients in the pre-marketing phase to crystallize the competitive advantages their fund offers in a crowded marketplace, and uncovers insights that accelerate fundraising. We save our clients valuable time and resources.

Our Fund Strategy & Differentiation Package:

  • Clarifies your firm’s differentiated offering through a 360º assessment based on interviews with your team and investors, as well as a comprehensive competitive landscaping exercise — ensuring that your self-perception is not a misperception.
  • Pinpoints marketing messages that resonate, as well as the likelihood that your fund will secure capital commitments, through in-depth LP sentiment interviews — injecting efficiency into your fundraising process.
  • Identifies investors’ perceptions of the key weaknesses in your firm’s strategy and / or operations that may prevent a fund commitment — giving you time to take corrective action.
  • Analyzes your market timing and likely momentum based on current and anticipated funds in the market — assessing whether your marketing efforts are serving your objectives, or simply educating investors on an opportunity your competitors will capitalize upon.

Portico Advisers is dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We can structure engagements on a bespoke basis.