Informal Guide to Raising Your First Fund


Portico’s Informal Guide to Raising Your First Private Equity Fund is bundled with a sample pitchbook, and empowers you to create an institutional-quality pitchbook.

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One of the most frequent complaints we hear from investors is that many fund managers’ pitchbooks fail to do their job. They’re poorly structured, too wordy, and unclear.

We created the Informal Guide to Raising Your First Private Equity Fund to empower fund managers with the knowledge they need to develop an institutional-quality pitchbook. Our guide includes:

  • The four key questions that every pitchbook should answer
  • Key questions to ask yourself before building a pitchbook
  • An outline for your presentation, broken down by section and slide
  • Guidance on the content that each slide should contain
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when building a pitchbook
  • Advice on establishing a brand identity
  • Considerations on back-office functions and governance issues
  • Pointers on delivering your pitch
  • A 27-page sample pitchbook for a fictional mid-market fund investing in Chile, Colombia, and Peru

Stop wasting hours of your life in PowerPoint, and start producing a pitchbook that resonates with investors.

Buy with confidence: We’ve run this product by numerous investors across institution types to ensure that it covers the key content that investors seek in a pitchbook.

Note: This product may be able to be booked as an organizational expense.


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