We admire people who take on big challenges in overlooked markets

We build long-term relationships with founders who possess an uncommon measure of vision, courage, and grit, and share our commitment to ethical business practices that elevate human dignity.

The lack of institutionalized early-stage venture capital in Africa was throttling local startups’ ability to scale.

We founded Atlantica Ventures to empower African entrepreneurs with well-structured capital and hands-on support, because we believe technology and tech-enabled businesses will drive inclusive and sustainable growth across the continent.

Two billion people are underserved by legacy financial services providers, while MSMEs face a $5.5 trillion financing gap.

Exclusion from financial services exacerbates inequality and deprives individuals of the opportunity to build wealth.

We started Quona because fintech is one of the most powerful levers to expand financial inclusion.

At the beginning of our careers, we participated in top-down interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. These interventions had almost unlimited resources, but they largely failed. We had visceral experience of the limitations of a technocratic approach.

We developed a firm conviction that almost all meaningful change is humble, disciplined by context and circumstance.

CrossBoundary drives change from the bottom up through two strategies. The first is facilitating investment in underserved markets with teams based in (and from) those countries. The second is deploying capital through our investment platforms, including for sustainable infrastructure, which address critical chokepoints to growth while advancing climate objectives.

The U.S. Midwest is a vibrant ecosystem for healthcare innovation.

It is home to more than $15 billion in academic R&D spending — more than Boston or Silicon Valley — yet it receives less than 7% of the VC funding of California, Massachusetts, and New York.

We invest in early-stage companies in this overlooked geography because they are developing breakthrough innovations that transform lives and bring patients around the world better treatments.

Since inception in 2005, Albright Capital has served as a trusted advisor for (1) global investors seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification from international investments, often with an EM nexus, and (2) well-managed companies delivering essential goods and services to local populations.

In so doing, the firm has demonstrated an ability to develop innovative capital solutions in an unusually wide array of complex special situations.

When we began investing in East Africa, we realized traditional intermediaries were failing to meet the needs of local entrepreneurs and global investors.

The former sought long-term capital and hands-on partners that could address execution challenges, while the latter had grown disillusioned with hefty fees and a paucity of exits, and they were seeking enhanced transparency.

Surya employs a non-traditional approach, blending patient, well-structured financial capital, enabling human capital, and deep domain expertise to build scalable — and sustainably profitable — platform companies.