About us​

Sharp strategies built for the bold

Ambitious, purpose-driven founders choose Portico Advisers when they need an honest partner who can cut through complexity and provide strategic clarity.

Through first-principles thinking and deep domain expertise, we construct customized solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business objectives.

How we support visionary founders


Portico provides a suite of strategy solutions that enhance your firm’s value and advance your corporate objectives.

We support clients with firm differentiation and positioning; capital raising; M&A, joint ventures, and strategic alliances; knowledge transfer / conveyance of global best practices; and macro trends / thematic strategies.


A credible, rigorous impact framework can expand your funnel of prospective investors and increase your ability to drive positive change.

Portico develops customized impact frameworks and measurement methodologies that map investment themes to impact outcomes.


As an independent transaction advisor, Portico provides a rigorous assessment of the assumptions in a deal, including an unvarnished analysis of what could go right and wrong.

We generate and screen investment targets; interrogate investment theses; conduct due diligence; review investment memos; provide guidance on deal structuring and negotiation messaging; and evaluate exit options.

Special Projects

Portico undertakes a variety of special projects that accrete to our clients’ brand value.

We have produced white papers on opportunities in specific markets / verticals, delivered presentations on industry trends at AGMs and conferences, created case studies, and even written firm histories.

Our ethos

Portico is a values-driven organization.

We build long-term partnerships with clients who share our commitment to ethical business practices that elevate human dignity.

Value creation > value extraction

Build something that increases the general welfare. Riches can be made in value extraction, but we reject doing well at the expense of others.

Spread dignity.

Intellectual curiosity

Ideas animate people to do great things. We believe in the power of ideas, contextual and interdisciplinary thinking, and open exchange.

Read, ask questions, and contribute your thoughts.

Intergenerational equity

We share Edmund Burke’s belief that the social contract is, “a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.”

Practice stewardship.

Our priority themes

Portico works with entrepreneurs and investors active across numerous sectors. We are particularly energized by the following themes:


Every client gets direct access to Portico’s Founder

Our name

Portico Advisers takes its name from the porticoes of Bologna, Italy, a majestic medieval city where the company’s founder made transformational friendships and memories.

It also emphasizes two foundational truths about our brand: our role as a pillar supporting our clients’ success, and our commitment to building strategies and relationships that endure the test of time.